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Full Service Assisted Living Home For Parkinson’s Residents

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common degenerative disorder that affects certain nerve cells in the brain. This disorder tampers with the normal functioning of an individual’s central nervous system resulting in impaired speech and motor skills. Some of the primary symptoms of Parkinson’s disease include tremor, muscle rigidity, impaired balance, bradykinesia, among others. The secondary symptoms of this condition include; sleeping disorder, anxiety, dementia, and depression. Parkinson’s disease is prevalent among seniors aged 50 years and above.

The cause as well as the specific cure for this disease has not yet been established. Although Parkinson’s disease is not that fatal, it may brings about serious complications especially when the patient is not well cared for.

It’s indeed hurting to see your mom or dad experiencing difficulties as a result of Parkinson’s disease. They may experience difficulties in maintaining themselves. Or worse off he or she may fall frequently or suffer memory loss such as leaving the water running or leaving the gas burning. While you may not have the right tips on how to care for an individual with Parkinson’s disease, the best thing you can do is to move them from home to an assisted living facility where they can enjoy a happy , healthy, and fulfilling home environment.

For patients with Parkinson’s disorder, all is not lost. One can have a good quality of life with Parkinson’s disorder. An elderly assisted living facility is a great way to ensure your mom or dad is being cared for and getting the best service that will facilitate their recovery.

At Agape Villa Care Home care we recognize that coping and living with Parkinson’s disease starts with having a good understanding of the disease and the manner in which it progresses.

We give our clients the comfort of a home.

As an elderly care facility for seniors, we have put in place all the necessary facilities to ensure people living with Parkinson’s Disease have a good life. We provide a home-like atmosphere whereby our Residents live in a one-bedroom and bath. We also have big spacious rooms and plenty of space in the family rooms and dining rooms for family to come and visit their loved ones. We help your loved ones with daily tasks such as eating, drinking, bathing, dressing , and many more. We understand that these tasks can be quite difficult for seniors with Parkinson’s disease.

Personalized care

Our caregivers are committed to our core purpose as a leading elderly assisted living facility of ensuring our clients recover fully. We provide a staff to client ratio of 1 to 3 meaning our clients will have utmost attention and quality care. We provide personalized care to make our patients feel at home.

We provide an active social environment for your loved ones.

At Agape Villa Care Home care , we have an active social network which allows the elderly to socialize and make new friends. We organize many events to provide our patients an opportunity to meet their peers and socialize. This goes a long way to help them cope with depression which is very common in people with Parkinson’s disease.

We offer specialized care

At our facility we have well trained staff who have what it takes to attend to seniors with Parkinson’s disease. We provide medication management and make sure the residents remember their medications.

Your loved ones will be more safe here

Unlike at home where your mom or dad will not be watched over, at Agape Villa Care Home care we ensure our clients are protected from any harm that could come their way. Our caregivers keep a close eye on clients with serious conditions like Parkinson’s disease round the clock.

Our staff takes care of the patients’ laundry services and other cleaning duties. Obviously, senior people with Parkinson’s Disease may be unable to keep up with cleaning tasks.

Apart from providing high quality care for your loved ones with Parkinson’s disease, we have very simple pricing models and very reasonable rates.

At Agape Villa Care Home care, we relieve you the difficult task of taking care of your senior loved ones with Parkinson’s disease especially for people who don’t understand the ins and outs of the disorder. Our elderly assisted living facility is a great place where you can bring them so that we can give them personalized care round the clock.

For those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, Agape Villa Care Home can provide the compassionate care you meet to feel right at home. Due to the damage in the central nervous system, seniors who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease often experience tremors, muscle rigidity and changes in speech. Our trained and experienced team has the love and patience to help make life as pleasant and comfortable as possible for our seniors.

Agape Villa Care Home In Roseville Can Help those
Suffering With Parkinson’s Disease by:

  • On-time Medication Distribution

  • Assistance with daily activities (bathing, dressing, etc)

  • Preparing Home-cooked nutritional & delicious meals

  • Providing a Warm and Cozy environment


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