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“It is a very difficult decision when you need to move an elderly loved one out of the home they have lived in for many years and into a care facility.  We faced it when our mother passed away last year.  She had been the primary caregiver for our 94 year old father whose health and medical issues required that someone be with him 24 hours a day.  We were filled with angst knowing that we had to move him out of his home of 30 years.  We looked at a number of facilities that just didn’t feel right for his quiet and reserved disposition.  Then we found Agape Villa!   Even as we entered the driveway, there was a sense of peace that seemed to emanate from the home.  And what a home it is: beautiful, well-appointed and in a lovely and conveniently located neighborhood of Roseville.  There are six rooms with private bathrooms, a main dining room, a spacious kitchen and a number of inviting common areas for residents to gather.  The landscaped backyard and patio area provides residents a peaceful retreat to be with nature and enjoy some sunshine.  But as beautiful as the home is, the real blessing of Agape Villa is the loving and nuturing staff members.  I personally was able to observe the gentle and gracious manor that they treated not only our father, but all of the residents.  They truly make this a home for those who live there and treat them like family.  They are professionally trained care givers who sincerely care about what they are doing and the impact they make on the residents and their families.  Although the day we made the move was tough on everyone, after a short time our father began to love the life he had at Agape Villa.  We visited often and always found him happy and well cared for.  Whenever we took him on an outing, he was happy to return back to his new home.  He lived there for eleven months before passing away and we believe they were very happy months for him.  And what peace there was for our family knowing that he was in a loving and caring environment.  We are very thankful to the ownership, management and precious care givers of Agape Villa for bringing such joy and care to our  father and his family.  This is a remarkable place with extraordinary people!  God bless Agape Villa!”

~John S.

Santa Cruz, Ca

“I work as a counselor visiting people in their various assisted living communities in the region.  I have to say that Agape provides the very best care available to residents. Staff are hand-picked and they are the finest available.”

Lynne J.

Nevada City, Ca

My mother has been living at Agape Villa for the past couple of months. I have been pleased with the care she has received.  She is very happy and content when I go to visit.  The care and attentiveness they show my mother has helped  make her life better.  She enjoys the food which is very important.  The house is always very clean  and well kept.  My mother’s hygiene has also improved.

Nancy O.

Roseville, Ca

Agape Villa went above and beyond for my dad to care for his needs and I am grateful for the nice environment that they provide. Dad is always boasting about the food. I am happy that my dad is happy.

Joanne A.


“Agape Villa was a lifesaver for my family. After my dad had one hospitalization after the next, we needed a place where his needs could be met and a skilled nursing facility was not an option for us. As soon as we walked in the door, I could feel a sense of relief. Not only is the home beautiful and clean, but the staff made us feel at home immediately. My dad was only at Agape Villa for less than a month before he passed away, but the care he received while there surpassed my expectations. Knowing he was so well taken care of took the pressure off my sister and I so that we could be his daughters again, without the stress of having to make every decision regarding his care. I would highly recommend Agape Villa if you are in search of a care home for your loved one.”

Julie S.

Cohasset, CA

My parents are getting to the age that they will soon need more help than I can give them. I was referred to Agape Villa. After looking at their homes I am glad to have found this care home. They know what they are doing and I look forward to using their services.

Scott S.


Thank you Agape Villa for taking such great care of my dad all these years, I couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for catering to his needs and being there for him.

Marc B.

Granite Bay

I have previewed many places for my grandma and Agape Villa is by far the best place for her. The attentive care and personal attention she gets is outstanding, the staff is great and welcoming every time I would come to visit, Thank you for taking care of my grandma.

Suz S.


I looked at this home both during their grand opening and after. They treat their guests with dignity and respect and they have created a beautiful living environment.

Athan G.

Fair Oaks

I had the privilege of previewing this beautiful assisted living at the Grand opening event and I am very impressed with the quality and thought that was put in to make this home for our senior community. I would highly recommend this setting for anyone looking for a luxury, high end, and top-notch service residential elderly home. I will definitely recommend and use their services for my family. The roseville community should be proud to have such a wonderful place for its seniors.

Sue R.

Sacramento, Ca

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