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Roseville Assisted Living – Incontinent Care And Skin Care

Assisted Living Home With Full Care 24/7 Supervision

For loved ones who are suffering with incontinence (controlling Urine or bowels), here at Agape Villa Care Home we provide a huge amount of support from our staff to accommodate each residents unique situation. As incontinence becomes a bigger issue skin problems may arise, it is important to have a trained staff to care for residents with incontinence and treat the surrounding skin with gentle and delicate care. We treat residents with dignity and respect.

A person who is bedridden usually needs full-time care and attention. This means that our care team will most likely be working closely together with the families, nurses and other professionals to make sure that the resident is cared for. Comfort and Hygiene are the two most important factors when caring for seniors. Having enough Arm and leg support to prevent stain is key. A daily bath is given to cleanse and refresh and relax the resident. It also promotes circulation, and provides a mild form of exercise and cleanses the skin. Ulcers and Bedsores is also something to watch for. Ulcers and and bedsores develop when blood supply to the skin is reduced over a period of time.The goal is to help prevent these by changing the persons position in bed frequently. A period of stretching and moving the joints will also help and stimulate circulations and prevent joint stiffness.


Agape Villa Care Home Provides Seniors With
Incontinence And Skin Care And Assists Residents Who Are Bedridden!

  • Giving Residents Privacy, Respect and Dignity

  • Scheduled toileting to help with bowel movements on a regular basis

  • Monitoring to ensure maximum hygiene and comfort

  • Gentle and patient staff to ensure the residents are taken care of with dignity and respect.


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